Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Playlist for August 27, 2000
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Garlic Boys : Too Late True Love
Royal Drunk : Put It In A Bag
Aphasic : Bloody Nova!
Mink Lungs : Do I Tingle
Black Sabbath : Symptom of the Universe
Shellac : Ghosts
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors : The Number Knows its Name

Eyeliners : Rock & roll Baby
Arab on Radar : 2-16-99
Am I Blood : Day Will Be Executed
In/humanity : Sugar Plan B
Hanin Elias : One Two
Nunchaku : Yatte Miyou
Screaming Lord Sutch : All Black & Hairy
Devo : Recombo DNA
Voivod : Bacteria

Trans Am : I'm Coming Down
Nomeansno : The Graveyard Shift
Birthday Party : Swampland
Sensualists : Dips & Peaks
Alabama Thunderpussy : Negligence
Exhumed : Carnal epitaph, Dinnertime in the Morgue
Totalitar : Tjernobuyl. Ignalina, Forsmark & Tavlor Son Hanar
Mortician : Barbaric Cruelties
Felix Kubin : Groscher Lausangriff
John Cale : Fairweather Friend

EC8OR : Gimme Nyquill All Night Long
Insomniacs : Egarag
Crispus Attucks : If Not
Hatewave : #11

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