Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Playlist for August 20, 2000
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Motorhead : Stay Out of Jail
Bitchin' : Now I Know
Prisonshake : 2 Sisters
Crispus Attucks : Separation of the People
Pop Will Eat Itself : Eat Me- Drink Me- Love Me- Kill Me
Samael : From Malkuth to Kether
Hatewave : Bleed For Me

Alabama Thunder Pussy : Crying Out Loud, Ambition
Garlic Boys : Matsunagasan
Nomads : I've Seen Better
Origin : Lethal Manipulation (the bone crusher chronicles)
Pretty Things : Old Man Going
Yellow Machinegun : Something Enormous
Space Combine : Drain

The Lord Weird Slough Feg : Brave Connor Mac
Resident Filters : Get On It
Decomposers : Deathhillbilly
Devo : Be Stiff
Godhead : New Lottery
Benumb : Just Short of the Line, Serenity Within Chaos
Cattlepress : So Ripe
James Taylor Quartet : Electric Boogaloo
Aphasic : Anthem for Doomed Youth
Lolita Storm : Hey Hot Stuff
Truth : Doin' Nothin'
Sensefield : Nova
Terra Firma : Spiral Guru

Didjits : Max Wedge, Stingray Plate In My Head
360's : Texas
Kilara : Mrs. Greele
Eyeliners : Party Til the Break of Dawn
Shove : Cretin Vandalia
The Lillingtons : Phantom Maggot

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