Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Playlist for August 13, 2000
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Benumb : Suffer
Zen Guerilla : She's Radar
Fatal Flying Guillotines : Guilloteens are Going to Jail
BellRays : Tie Me Down, Voodoo Train-Finale
Fudge Tunnel : Bed Crumbs
Nokturnal Mortum : Death Damnation

Goddamn Gentlemen : Rip Off
Eddie The Rat : Stockpiling for the Post-Apocalyptic Garage Sale
Universal Order of Armageddon : Symptom
Cattle Press : And the Sea Gave Us Its Dead
Gizmos : Human Garbage Disposal
Sea Monkeys : I'm a Schmo- You're a Schmo
Soul Reaper : Satanized

Zero Boys : Cry Baby
Tools : Adopted Procedure
Fu Manchu : Weird Beard
Hellchild : The Scent of Summer Rain
Voivod : Ravenous Medicine
Legendary Pink Dots : Love in A Plain Brown Envelope
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors : Linear Force
Alec Empire : Black Sabbath
Buzzkill : Spencer

COA : Spy
Black Dice : ??
De La Soul : View
Reggae Death Squad : Rub My Face
Pitchshifter : Dead Battery
Devo : Sloppy (Demo)
Hatewave : Desire to Kill, Hate Crime Spree
The Put-Outs : Off Key
Garlic Boys : Wave
Zeni Geva : The Model

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