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5PM-7PM Sundays

Playlists for July 23, 2000


Dow Jones & The Industrials Ladies With Appliances
Die Kreuzen All White
Hellchild In Search For The Scattered
Pitchshifter A Higher Form Of Killing
Hell's Kitchen Crystal Wasteland
PossessedBurning In Hell
Tracks Bombs Away

Hentchmen Michigan Blues
Queens Of The Stone Age You Would Know
Amon Tobin Reanimator
Boulder Rev It Up
Nitocris Laugh At You
Big Black Pavement Saw, King Of The Jews
Destruction Tears Of Blood

Garlic Boys Kyoto Gigolo
Pipe You're Soaking In It
J Church Sunshine
In Flames Satellites & Astronauts
Rocket From The Crypt Live The Funk
Realtors Guilt By Association
Reruns So So Alone
Gravel Eidolon

Shattered Faith Hard To Be Free
Cattle Press So Ripe
Helstar The Whore Of Babylon
Lolita Storm You Make Me High
Pitchshifter A Better Lie
Dominatrix The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
Jones Very No More
The Explosion Reactor
Syd Barrett Clowns & Jugglers

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