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Playlists for June 18, 2000


Voivod X-Ray Mirror
Cockney Rejects Bad Man
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Jayne Mansfield Superstar
Bell Rays Changing Colors
Motorhead We Are Motorhead

King Diamond The Trees Have Eyes
The Insignificant Bright Lights- Big City
Hellchild Whiplash, Metallica, Exodus, Destruction, Slayer, Kreator
The White Stripes Hand Springs
Deerhoof Gore In Beans
Nebula Antigone
Benumb Crawl- Stagger - Fall

International Noise Conspiracy The Subversive Sound
Balboas Santa Cruz
Alice Cooper Department Of Youth
Smack Weird Is The Sea
Arch Enemy The Immortal
Ministry The Missing
Electronic Toys Catching Game
Dri Violent Pacification

Cryptopsy Flame To The Surface
Blue Hippos Taking Care Of The Whole Wide World
Satanic Surfers Whatever
Can I Want More
Immortal In Our Mystic Visions Blest
Aquarius & Tyla Bringing Me Down
Eternal Elysium Stone Wedge
Mx80 You Turn Me On

Guttermouth Secure Horizons
Nifelheim Hellish Blasphemy
Bad Religion The Hopeless Housewife
Adz Stowaway
Atomic 61 Sold By Desire

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