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Playlists for June 11, 2000


Orange Goblin 298 Kg
Kataklysm Stormland
Legendary Pink Dots When I'm With You
Devo The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise
My Bloody Valentine Sue Is Fine
Old Man's Child In Black Endless Void

59x The Pain Once Proud To Be
Disassociate Badfish
Blue Oyster Cult The Red & The Black
Eternal Elysium Stone Wedge
Tin River Junction Did U Know I'm Blind
Technicolor Black Hole
Sheavy A Utopian Interlude
Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy California Uber Alles

Capitalist Casualties Sarin
Poly Styrene Talk In Toytown
Front Georg Front Mantage
Sod Seasoning The Obese
Mount Shasta Gimp
Yellow Machinegun My Eyes Under The Sun
Teen Idles Teen Idles
Vanity Fare Hitchin' A Ride
Motorhead Stay Out Of Jail
International Noise Conspiracy I Wanna Know About U

Drive Like Jehu Spikes To You
Bad Religion Believe It
Venom Resurrection
Shadows Fall Fleshold
The Hard Feelings Vicoden Blues
Delta 5 Colour
Queens Of The Stone Age Leg Of Lamb
Porcelain Boys Icewarm
At The Gates Kingdom Gone
Residents Plants

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