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Playlists for May 29, 2000


Iggy & The Stooges 1970
Jagged Edge Gonna Find My Way
Bloodloss Frank's Wig
16 Felicia
Exgirl Alabama Song, Big When Far-Small When Close
All Carry You
Godflesh Veins

Styrenes One Fanzine Reader Writes
Los Cowslingers Mexican Blackbird
Amon Tobin Golfer Vs Boxer
Space Age Palmer:Sinner's Blues
Borknagar Colossus
The Troubleneck Brothers Back To The Hip Hop
Morgana Lefay Parasite

Cromagnon First World Of Bronze
Vomitory Moribund
Josef K Revelation
Distillers Blackheart
Nofx And Now For Something Completely Similar, Take A Placebo & Call Me Lame
100 Flowers Dyslexia
Damned Problem Child
Amber Asylum Song Of The Spider War
It Is I World Of Suffering

Testament The Legacy
Mark Stewart Red Zone
The Hard Feelings One Woman Man
Cr Long Short Cut, Watch Your Step
Green Jelly The Bear Song
Porcelain Boys Puffed
Toxic Reasons War Hero
Sir Lord Baltimore Hard Ruin Fallin

Acrostichon Relics
Plan E Water From The Moon
ComeI Got The Blues
Refused Hook Line & Sinker
Grief Ostrich
Dawnbreed Beruhrpunkt, Profilgrotesk
Arch Enemy Pilgrim
Sugar Helpless

XtcBoarded Up
Obscenity Phenomenon Time
Dmt Do Your Thing

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