Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine

5PM-7PM Sundays

Playlists for May 22, 2000


Myracle BrahThe Seeds Keep Growing Faster
Cephalic CarnageObserver To The Obliteration Of Planet Earth
Atomic 61 Double Boiler
I-SoundShort Sharp Shock
ModettesWhite Mice
Raisinettes Whatman

New Bomb Turks Professional Againster
Bad BrainsThe Regulator, Banned In Dc
The White StripesHand Springs
Orange Goblin298
Organic GroovesSublime Pork Rinds, Southeast Chinese Discotheque

Bad ReligionYou've Got A Chance
Alice Cooper Sanctuary
Luca Turilli Legend Of Steel
Eternal Elysium Wtgb
Xtc Playground
Stranglers N'emmenes Pas Harry
Colossus Of The Fall A Bit Of Truth

All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors Lattershed
Lacuna Coil Honeymoon Suite
Dag Nasty You're Mine
All Better Than That
Ex Girl Jet Moguri
Blackstar Liner Inverse
Electro Group All Star

Nashville Pussy You Ain't Right
Incantation Extinguishing Salvation
Original Sins Talking To You
Queens Of The Stone AgeLost Art Of Keeping A Secret
Ashes You LeaveMiles Of Worn Out Days
The CogsDown On Myself
Lloyd Charmers & The Hippy Boys Safari
Rorschach Clenching

Cryptopsy White Worms
The Forty Fives Drive All Night
Bell Rays Pinball City

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