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Playlists for May 15, 2000

Orange Goblin Hot Magic-Red Planet
Rotters Pink Flamingos
Distillers Open Sky
Mississippi Fred Macdowell You Got To Move
Vodka Collins Automatic Pilot
Mazzy Star Happy Cryptopsy Emaciate

Witchery Witchburner
Christ Are You Okay
Sister Double Happiness Do What You Gotta Do
Dropkick Murphys Barroom Hero
All Dot
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Empowerment, The House Of Feasting
Planet Asia Fresno State Of Mind
Devo Too Much Paranoias
The American Flag Pledge
Melvins Okie From Muskogee,The Man With The Laughing Hand Is Dead
9 Pound Hammer Turned Traitor For A Piece Of Tail

Eternal Elysium Trick Or Steal, What A Difference A Day Makes
Indian Ropeman I.R.M.
Soul Reaper Ungodly
Amon Duul Autonomes
Mixmaster Mike Bermuda Tri-Axl
Sister Goddamn Lisaspeak
Stillborn Calvaria 1939
Kataklysm Laments Of Fear & Despair

Cinnamon Used To Be Your Loneliness
Butthole Surfers Creep In The Cellar
Buzzoven Shove, Drained
Stiff Little Fingers Tin Soldiers
Missing Brazilians Crocodiles Court
Daisycutter Pig In A Can
Nervose Detournement
Purrkurr Pillnikk Surprise
Sheavy Strange Gods-Strange Altars
King Brothers Tear It Up Blues
Amon Tobin Deo

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