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Playlists for May 1, 2000

Misery Loves Co. My Mind Still Speaks
Los Infernos Nightmares
Dismember Mutual Animosity
Primal Scream Accelerator
The Mad I Hate Music
Electric Frankenstein Monster Demolisher
Morningstar Before The Dawn (Zombie Mix)
Moonspell Adaptables
Fighter D Mine Run
Future Sound Of London Flak

Filthy Charity Choose Your Way
Mudhoney Pump It Up
Lacuna Coil My Wings
Xgirl Zozoi
Mixmaster Mike Bazooka Kanyon
Kill Van Kull How Can You Just Stand There?
Gang Of 4 Not Great Men
Amon Tobin Four Ton Mantis
Surgery D-Nice
45's I Don't Wanna Be The One
Di Richard Hung Himself
Kovenant Jihad
Therion Emerald Crown
XtcI'm The Man Who Murdered Love
Solace Another Life
--- Oil Seed Rape :Infant
New Bomb Turks Point A To Point Blank
Ezo Nightcrawler
Alice Cooper Public Animal #9
Delta 72 3 Day Packet Plan, Incident @23rd
Disengage Turn The Gears
No Fun At All Catch Me Running Round

Kill Switch Klick Hiroshima
Dj Scud Next One Dead
We Illbient
Dri Violent Pacification
Freeworm Dirtbath
Lookouts Mendocino Homeland
Hanoi Rocks Malibu Beach Nightmare
The. L.O.P.Dead's Not Punk
Poison The Well 12/23/73
Patti Smith Gone Pie

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