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Playlists for Apr 25, 2000

Gem Sheep
Shadows Fall Fleshold
Kinski Floundering & Fluctuating
Arab On Radar 3 Meals Away From A Crack Whore, Piggin In The Pumpkin Patch
Fatlip Goldmine
Archie Bunker W/John Perez Wrathchild
Gan Blink

Evergreen Drifting With The Ice
The 45's Get It Together, All Now
Entombed Heaven's Die
Mixmaster Mike Cumm Get Some
Alabama Thunder Pussy Middle Finger Salute
Krabathor Faces Under The Ice
Buzzcocks Lester Sands..Drop In The Ocean
Gas Huffer Over The Side
Electrogroup Line Of Sight
Mama Tick Torture

Mental Home Downstairs
Circus Lupus New Cop Car
Obscenity Bleed For Me
Slaughter & The Dogs Cranked Up Really High
Killtech You Make Me Want To Kill
Grief I Won't Come Back
The Flashing Lights Where The Change Is
Born Against The Good Father

Disgust You Have No Right
Dirtbombs Cedar Point '76
Servotron S.R.A., 3 Laws
Delta 72 3 Day Packet Plan, Incident @ 23rd
Marrs Pump Up The Volume
Therion 7 Secrets Of The Sphinx
Unwound Torch Song
Integrity Blood Of Purity
Buried Alive Poisoned Seeds
Muzzle Not A Singalong
Wind Don't Take Your Love Away
Green Jelly Fixation
God Bullies Book Report Time

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