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Playlists for Apr 17, 2000

Papas Fritas Let's Go Down To The Town Oasis
Von Lmo Future Language
The Red Scare 12 Years Past
Mandroid Rogue Missile
Sentenced Warrior Of Life
Grief Predator
Date Bait Head In The Shed
Patti Smith One Voice

Melvins Dry Drunk
Moonlighters Blue & Black Eyed
Wordsound I Powa Dungeon Of Dub
Mixmaster Mike Counter Attack Now, Harsky & Starch
Chimaira This Present Darkness
Skulls Victim
Green Magnet School White People
Grandaddy Glassy-Dusty Wordless
Bello Lamb Lizard Box
Generation X Your Generation
Dismember Enslaved To Bitterness

Sonic's Rendezvous BandClock With No Hands
Warlock Fight For Rock
Fu Manchu The Action Is Go
High Rise Make A Motion, Acid Song, Induced Depression
Pleasure Barons Closing Time
Clover Honey Dirty Honey
Penelums Tell Me
Indecision Through The Wasteland Go Searching We
Therion Deggiel
Major Thinkers Shuttle Shuffle, Bebop For President
Business Harry May
Flying Lutenbachers Floatation Method

Slang Louse Legion
Rollins Band Get Some Go Again
Boy Sets Fire Rookie
Big Chief 500 Reasons
Residents Hey Good Lookin'
Higsons I Don't Wanna Live With Monkeys
Garden Variety Stool
Agent Orange Exotic

Alabama Thunder Pussy 6 Shooter

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