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Playlists for April 3, 2000

The Monkeywrench Solar Revelations
Thy Serpent Chambers Of The Starwatcher
Noothgrush Dianoga
Enon For The Sum Of It
Lsd Blood Hound
The Lapse Cell Yielding Cell
Facepuller X-Garbageman

Earth Crisis In The Wire
Hate Eternal Catacombs
Rollins Band Are You Ready
Fu Manchu Grasschopper
Silver Salute Happy Eyes
Dragbody Kill The Dogs
Fibonaccis Terrorvision
Ashes You Leave Miles Of Worn Out Days
Arch Enemy The Immortal
Sonic's Rendezvous Band City Slang

Obscenity Golden Cage
Alien Sex Fiend Wild Woman
Wreckless Eric Take The Cash
Patti Smith Glitter In Their Eyes
Damned Shadow Of Love
Dazzling Killmen Bone Fragments
Speedball All These Things
Wretch Like Me Now's The Time
--- Poster Children Silhouette
Mdfmk Stare At The Sun
Skyscraper Rockgirl
Blacktop Cadence Are You My Angel?

Reverend Horton Heat King
The Flashing Lights Rotary Hotel
Somnus Lair
Hot Butter Popcorn
Scared Of Chaka Sexy Figure
Someday I... Believe
Freq Nasty Boomin Back Atcha
Push Button Objects Lxp Bitches
Current 93 I Have A Special Plan For This World
Old Man's Child World Expiration
Krabathor Evil Coroners Of Mind
Alabama Thunder Pussy Crying Out Loud

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