Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine

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Playlists for Mar 6, 2000

Marathon show with Chris T. as co-host
Clearlight Ddp
Dils Class War
Patti Smith Glitter In Their Eyes

Chrome Locust Intro/Ain't No Love
Spring Heel Jack Is
Fudge Tunnel Grey
Stranglers Vietnamerica
Emperor The Source Of Icon E

Flamin' Groovies Teenage Head
Gluecifer The Year Of Manly Living
6 Minute War Madness The Storm
Lost Goat October

Arch Enemy Pilgrim
Cassus Belli Punishment
Couch Flambeau Satan's Buddies
Klaus Nomi Lightning Strikes

Guitar Wolf Hurricane Rock
El Dopa Slave
Spitfires Something To Nothing
Metabass N Breath Mechanization
Lock Up Ego Pawn
The Fall New Face In Hell
Mc5 High School

Bongzilla Smoke
Electric Frankenstein Teenage Shutdown
Strain Altar
Glazed Baby Handgun
Bomb The Bass Beat Dis
Samael Us

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