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5PM-7PM Sundays

Playlists for Feb 28, 2000


Satyricon Havoc Vulture
Melvins Captain Pungent
Sulfur Knuckles
Benge Dream Of DreamySubstancia 2 Comp.
Skepticism Aes (Part)
The Cure There Is No If...

Grotus The Bottom Line
Sentenced Fragile
Vas Deferens Organization Entrees
The Spitfires In Too Deep Again
Radio Birdman Hanging On
Halo Of Flies Tired & Cold
The Shermans Practices Performance

Fibonaccis Narcissist
December Umbilical
Blitspeer Sonic Glory
Crowbar Inna Gadda Da Vida
Marduk Blooddawn
Front 242 Dialogues
Thrones Acris Venator
Fu Manchu Grasschopper
El Dopa Someone Saw God
Mount Shasta Loose Muscle

Strife Grey
Soilwork Possessing The Angels
Bastard Noise Death Wish For The Dying
Patti Smith Glitter In Their Eyes
The Creatures Thumb
Gluecifer The Year Of Manly Living
Mc5 Poison
My Dad Is Dead The Memory Of Your Kiss
Ac Dc Damned
The Action Time Comedown Blues
Myriads The Day Of Wrath
Melt Banana JustGrub & Run
Brainbombs No End

Fireballs Of Freedom Rise Of The New South
Eddie The Rat Eyeballs
Agent Orange Bloodstains

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