Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Jan 17, 2000

Entombed Black Juju, Sentimental Funeral
Left Insane Visa Weekend
Scanner Ash 1-2
Scared Of Chaka I Must
Wretch Like Me Wriggle
Krabathor Eternal +1
Dark Tranquillity Therin

Pariahs I Must Be Mad
Nomeansno Lost
Shizuo Tight
Gila Monster Reckless Eyeballs, Wet Love
Tuff Little Unit Join The Future
Corrupted Nadie
Fugazi Joe #1, Break In
Samael Together
Radio Birdman Hangin On
Clarence Williams I Know About Love

Coalesce What Happens
Znowhite Sledgehammer, Saturday Night
Bebop Deluxe Like An Old Blues
Mountain Goats The Bad Doctor
Tiamat Best Friend Money Can Buy
Pain Teens The Smell
Canvas Unworthy Of Perfection
Haywards Two Faces
Someday I ...Believe
Seaweed Inside
The Kiss & Tells Take A Look Around
Lawnmower Deth Kids In America
The Gladiolas Little Darlin

Terra Firma And The 8th Seal Was Hers
Diana Ross Muscles
Error Type 11 Take A Bow, As Far As I'm Concerned
Infested Who They Are
Chupa Cabra Paradise
Skull Kontrol False Ceilings
Workin' Stiffs Notes From The Sandbox
Sound It Only Hurts When I Laugh

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