Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Jan 10, 2000

Half Japanese Always
Overdose Capitalist Way, Deep In Your Mind
The Beguiled The Widow
Terra Firma Troll Formula

Leatherface How Lonely
Articles Of Faith I've Got Mine
Santa Sprees I Wish I'd Been And Extra In Dawn Of The Dead
Laughing Us Goin Off
Kraftwerk Ruckzuck
Friction Mind Bind
Drunk Horse Nocturnal Emotions
Tank When All Hell Freezes Over

Five 14b Marumari
Vic Goddard Stop That Girl
The Drags Modern Man
Lubricated Goat Play Dead
Arch Enemy Dead Inside
Pay Neuter Dead Inside
Flaming Lips What Is That Light
Dazzling Killmen Blown
Barbecue Bob & The Spareribs Get It While The Gettin Is Good
Dead Moon Kicked Out-Kicked In

The Orb Asylum
Flim Flam Man The Nasty Remains
Dm3 1x2x3 Devastated
Psychotic Youth Aint Got No Dough
Pagans Eyes Of Satan
Abc Diabolo Ephemeral
Brutal Truth Hypocrite Invasion
Dj Mink Hey Hey Can U Relate

Quadrajets John Lee Hooker Is My Heavy Metal
The Bats Treason
Zoobombs Pleasure Drop

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