Clay's Playlist for June 27, 2001
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RZA "Ghost Dog" (Victor)
PLAID "Double Figure" (Warp)
PHIFE DAWG "Miscellaneous" (Superrapin)
RZA "Ghost Dog" (Victor)

MONOLAKE "Ionized" (ML Recordings)
JOHN WATERMANN "Variious" (Intransitive)
TAKESHI MOTO "Expect More" (Schematic)
FROST JOCKEY "The Burgandy Trax Vol 2" (Planet Mu)
THE DJ PRODUCER "The True Creators" (Deathchant)
FENNESZ/O'ROURKE/REHBERG "The Magic Sound of..." (Mego)

DISCO CONSULTANT "Roots Rock Ravers" (Transperant)
RZA "Ghost Dog" (Victor)
PINK ELM "Futurist" (Kompakt)

RADIO BOY "London" (Antiphon)
DUB TAYLOR "Forms & Figures" (Raum Musik)
UNAI "Believer" (Nusound)
JAS SMOLDERS "Variious" (Intransitive)
RADIAN "TG11" (Mego/Rhiz)
ANDREAS TILLIANDER "Ljud" (Mille Plateaux)

PHILIPPE CAM "Koln" (Kompakt)
HAZARD "Wind" (Ash International)
PUSH BUTTON OBJECTS "360~" (Chocolate Industries)
CANNIBAL OX "The Cold Vein" (Def Jux)
THUNDER AND LIGHTNING "Roots Rock Ravers" (Transperant)
MARC BEHREMS "Variious" (Intransative)
FUTURE FORCES "Point of Origion" (Renegade Hardware)
SUTEKH "Periods Make Sense" (Mille Plateaux)

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