Clay's Playlist for June 20, 2001
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AUGUSTUS PABLO "Rockers Meet King Tubby In A Firehouse"(Shanachie)
MOTOR "Gok" (Audio:nl)
THIRD EYE FOUNDATION "I Poo Poo ...." (Merge)
PLUG "Drum n'Bass For Papa" (Blue Angel Records)
TAKESHI MUTO "Expect More From A Past Life" (Schematic)

ALTER EGO "Betty Ford EP" (Klang Elektronik)
PASCAL "Killa Sound" (Suburban Base)
SQUAREPUSHER "My Red Hot Car" (Warp)
HEMPOLICS "Burning Dub" (Mammoth)

DOT WIGGIN "Dot Wiggin" (Audi Sensa)
FENNESZ "Endless Summer" (Mego)

SUN RA "Strange Strings" (El Saturn)
VOTE ROBOT "In Meorm Na" (Scratch)
PAN SONIC "Aaltopuri" (Mute)

CHRIS CLARK "Clarence Park" (Warp)
PHTHALOCYANINE "Sewer Mash" (Klangkrieg)
CANNIBAL OX "The Cold Vein" (DefJux)
DJ QUEST "Questicide" (Hip Hop Slam)
PUSH BUTTON OBJECTS "Dirty Dozen" (Chocolate Industries)
TOTAL SCIENCE "Street Level" (Renegade Hardware)

YABBY YOU "King Tubby's Rock" (Blood & Fire)
GRAMM "Personal Rock" (Source)
DISCIPLES "Planet Dub" (Mammoth)
PLUG "Drum n' Bass For Papa" (Blue Angel)
CHRIS CLARK "Clarence Park" (Warp)

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