Clay's Playlist for June 6, 2001
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DISCO CONSULTANT "Roots, Rock, Ravers" (Transperant)
CHRIS CLARK "Clarence Park" (Warp)
DEAD C "Language Recordings" (Language)
CANNIBAL OX "The Cold Vein" (Def Jux)
LOG "In/Ount" (Din)

I SOUND "Root, Rock, Ravers" (Transperant)
PINK ELLN "The Electronic Dreamplant" (Kompakt)
THOR "Mini:Malt" (Thule)
GREGORY ISAACS "Mr Isaacs" (Blood and Fire)
DILINGER "Seasons Dub" (Tuna)
SOUL CENTER "Roses" (W.v.B.S.)
DJ QUEST "Questicide" (Hip Hop Slam)

SQUAREPUSHER "My Red Hot Car" (Warp)
DILLINJA "The Angels Fell" (Metalheadz)
MOODYMAN "Forevernevermore" (Peacefrog)
ALBERT AYLER "Spiritual Unity" (ESP)
KID 606 "Clicks & Cuts 2" (Mille Plateaux)
DOT WIGGIN "Dot Wiggin" (Audi Sensa)
SUB DUB "EP's Original Masters" (The Agriculture)
GRAVITAR "You Must First Learn...." (Monotremata)
CEX "Starship Galatica" (555)

TIPPER "Lattitude" (Fuel)
HUGH MUNDELL "Rasta Dub" (Jah Guidance)
THE MESSIAHS "Confusion Dub" (Moses)
UNAI "Believer" (Nusound)
VLADISLAV DELAY "Clicks & Cuts" (Mille Plateaux)
CHRIS CLARK "Clarence Park" (Warp)
AUTECHRE "Confeld" (Warp)
ERIK M "Zygosis" (Sonoris)
THUNDERBOLT & LIGHTNING "Roote, Rock, Ravers" (Transperant)

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