Clay's Playlist for July 4, 2001
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OVERHANG PARTY "Otherside Of" (Pataphysique)
POLMO POLPO "Oarca" (audi sensa)

PORTER RICKS "Redundance Vol 2" (Force Inc)
THE DJ PRODUCER "The True Creators" (Deathchant)
PHTHALOCYANINE "Zacks" (Phthalo)
DEAD C "Language Recordings" (Language Recordings)

VLADISLAV DELAY "Clicks & Cuts 2" (Mille Plateaux)
TWILIGHT CIRCUS "Volcanic Dub" (M Records)
CHRIS WATSON "Outside the Circle of Fire" (Touch)
SND "Stdio" (Force Inc)
D. HAINES "Blither" (Sigma Editions)
POLMO POLPO "Acqua" (audi sensa)

PHIFE DAWG "Miscellaneous" (Superrapin)
RZA "Ghost Dog" (Victor)
OPTICAL "To Shape The Future" (Metalheadz)
RUFIGE KRU "Dark Metal" (Metalheadz)

ELECTRIC SHEEP "You Never Know" (Music Aus Strom)
KID 606 "PS I Love You" (Mille Plateaux)
KID 606 "Down With The Scene" (Ipecac)
OHM vs TORUL V "Mini:Malt" (Thule)

PHILLIP JECK "Vinyl Coda IV" (Strunz)

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