Clay's Playlist for May 2, 2001
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PHONECIA "House Of Distraction" (Schematic)
DJ FOOD & MLO "Nu Blood Two" (Ninja Tune)
KING TUBBY & LEE PERRY "Blackboard Jungle Dub" (Upsetters)
SHADOW "Lesson 4" (Hollywood Basic)
FINK "Tubbs Journey" (Ninja Tune)

RICK RUE "Sample/Shuffle/Interplay" (Extreme)
DIGITAL "Fool Bwoy" (Shee Been)
BLUE JAM "Warp:Routine" (Warp)

TO ROCOCO ROT "Music Is a Hungry Ghost" (City Slang)
SQUAREPUSHER "Music Is Rotted One Note" (Nothing)
TO ROCOCO ROT "Music Is a Hungry Ghost" (City Slang)
ERRORSMITH "Errorsmith EP" (Errorsmith)
PUSH BUTTON OBJECTS "House Of Distraction" (Schematic)
MAJOR FORCE "Major Force West 93-97" (Mo Wax)
BIOSPHERE "Cirque" (Touch)

BODO EISEL "Tracks" (Playhouse)
SOOPA-FI "Rock The Spot" (High Grade)
SPRING HEEL JACK "There Are Strings" (Rough Trade)
SHE SATALLITES "Poison Lips" (Geist)

ASWAD "Mosman Skank" (Island)
KIT CLAYTON "Voices In My Lunchbox" (Plug Research)
RICHARD DEVINE "Lipswitch" (Schematic)
CHRISTOPN DE BABALON "If Your Into It I'm...." (DHR)
PSI PERFORMER "Art Is A Division Of Pain" (Kanzerant)

KEN ISHII "Flatspin" (Sony)
TO ROCOCO ROT "Music Is A Hungry Ghost" (City Slang)
NIGHTMARES ON WAX "Routine" (Warp)
SAFETY SCISSORS "Banana Republic" (Beta Bodega)

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