Clay's Playlist for April 25, 2001
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SPACER "Contrazoom" (Pussy Foot)
KLUTE "Hidden Rooms" (Certificate 13)
MITTE KARAOKE "Die Disco fibel" (Leaded)
HERB LF "Tuned Guitar" (Typoon Tunez)
PREFUSE 73 "Routine" (Warp)

DYNAMO "18~" (Din)
SYSTEM "Staedizism 2" (~Scape)
COG "Polino Polpo" (audi sensa)
BYRON BOGUES "Latenight Grooves Vol1" (Choke)
SAD ROCKETS "Staedizism 2" (~Scape)

MOUSE ON MARS "Idiology" (Thrill Jockey)
KNIFE HAND CHOP "Vertical" (Dhyana)
DUB SYNDICATE "Tunes From The Missing Channel" (On U Sound)
RICHARD DEVINE "005" (Schematic)

BOARDS OF CANADA "A Beautiful Place..." (Warp)
MOODYMAN "Forevernevermore" (Peacefrog)
FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER "Curve" (Mille Plateaux)

DIGITAL "Fool Bwoy" (Shee Been)
BASSFACE SASCHA "Perfect Day" (Smokin Drum)
MOTOR "Gog" (
AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE "Off The Beaten Track" (On U Sound)
AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE "Full Charge" (On U Sound)
VOMIT LUNCH'S "Medical Milestones" (Hot Air)
KID 606 "Attitude" (V/VM)
DOC SCOTT "VIP Drum0z" (Metalheads)
VLADISLAV DELAY "Entain" (Mille Plateaux)

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