Clay's Playlist for April 11, 2001
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HALLUCINATOR "Kilimanjaro" (Chain Reaction)
BYRON BOGUES "Latenight Grooves Vol1" (Choke Music)
STOCK HAUSEN & WALKMAN "Medical Milestones" (Hot Air)
CHRISTOPH DE BABALON "Soul Eclipse" (Fat Cat)
CANNIBAL OX "The Cold Vein" (Def Jux)

MOUSE ON MARS "Idiology" (Thrill Jockey)
LEE PERRY "Megaton Dub Vol2" (Seven Leaves)
FATMAN Vs SHAKA "Confrontation Dub" (Third World)
SUPERSOUL "Plugtunes Vol1" (Metatronix)
TAKESHI MUTO "Lily Of The Valley" (Schematic)
VOICE STEALER "Mode 1:Metrorail" (Mass Transit)

RICH KID "Rude Brimmer" (Ambush)
SUPERSILENT "1-3" (Rune Grammofon)
AFRICA BAMBAATAA "Looking For The Perfect Beat 1980-85" (Tommy Boy)
RAPOON "Cold War Drum n' Bass" (Caciocavallo)
2ND GEN "Irony Is" (Mute)
ADULT "Resuscitation" (Ersatz)

FUMBLE "Milo" (Karole Kalk)
PREFUSE73 "Banana Republic Vol1" (Beta Bodega Coalition)
VAINQUEUR "Elevations" (Chain Reaction)
THE EAST FLATBUSH PROJECT "Tried by 12" (Youthful Music)
HALLUCINATOR "Hallucinator" (Chain Reaction)
CORNELL CAMPBELL "The Mighty Gorgon" (Klik)
THE DUB SPECIALIST "Dub to Dub" (Crispy)
AL CAMPBELL "No Children No Cry" (Marvellous)
AL CAMPBELL "Rasta Time" (Marvellous)

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