Clay's Playlist for March 7, 2001
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ORB "Cydonia" (MCA)
AKASHA "Brown Sugar" (No label)
PSI PERFORMER "Art Is a Division of Pain" (Kanxlerant)
DUB TAYLOR "Forms and Figures" (Raum)
KIT CLAYTON "Latke" (Orthlong Musork)
RED ROSE "Jungle Tempo" (Greensleeves)

SOUL CENTER "Roses" (W.v.B)
PARADOX "Musician as Outsider" (Reinforced)
AIRLOCKTRONICS "Mode 1" (Mass Transit)

MOVE D "Intermission" (Plug Research)
OST "Fuckin Twats Missed It" (Phthalo)
DELTRON 3030 "Deltron 3030" (75 Ark)
KID SPATULA "Full Sunken Breaks" (Planet Mu)
DOM AND ROLAND "Can't Punish Me" (Moving Shadow)
DATACHI "We Are Always Well Thank You" (Caipirinha)

JANEK SCHAEFER "Above Buildings" (Fat Cat)
KIT CLAYTON "Latke" (Orthlong Musurk)
SAFETY SCISSORS "Banana Republic Vol 1" (Beta Bodega Coalition)
AUTECHRE "Peel Sessions Vol 2" (Warp)
D-84 "Pirate Planets" (Pthalo)
MAUS & STOLLE "For Your Ears Only" (Klang Elektronik)
KID 606 "PS I Love You" (Mille Plateaux)
CORNELL CAMBELL "Gun Court Law" (Clocktower)
THE AGGROVATORS "Horn Version" (Clocktower)
YABBY YOU & TRINITY "Chant Down Babylon" (Blood and Fire)

SENOR COCONUT "El Gran Baile" (Emperor Norton)

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