Clay's Playlist for February 14, 2001
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MASSIVE ATTACK "Blue Lines" (Wild Bunch)
MAD PROFESSOR "No Protection" (Wild Bunch)
TOTAL SCIENCE "Street Level" (Renegade Hardware)
BAD COMPANY "The Fear" (Bad Company)
ALEC EMPIRE "The Destroyer" (DHR)
WARLOCKZ/SIMPLETON "Walk With Your Friends" (Crunk vinyl)
DJ SCUD "Mortal Clash" (Ambush)
KID 606 "Down With The Scene" (Ipecac)
DIGITAL "Waterhouse Dub" (Function)
TIPPER REMIXES "Latitude" (Fuel)
AKEC EMPIRE "The No Attitude" (DHR)

KRARKEN "Dominion" (Zero G Recordings)
DILLINJA/SPLASH "Babylon" (Juice)
TOTAL SCIENCE "Street Level" (Renegade Hardware)
TRACE AND NICO "Torque" (No U Turn)
DECOER "The Fog" (Hard Leaders)
ALEC EMPIRE "13" (Position Chrome)
O.S.T. "Fuckin Twats Missed It" (Pthalo)
APHASIC "Bass and Superstructure" (Ambush)
I SOUND "Mortal Clash" (Ambush)
RICHARD DEVINE "Lipswitch" (Warp)

ORB "Orbus Terrarum" (Island)
SCANNER "Accretions" (Staalplaat)
ALEC EMPIRE "The No Attitude" (DHR)
P16D4 "Tionchor" (Sonoris)
PLANET PATROL "Play at Your Own Risk" (Tommy Boy)
HRVATSKI "On" (Hrvatski)
FREEZE "IOU" (Tommy Boy)
JONZUN CREW "Lost In Space" (Tommy Boy)
DIGITAL "Deadline" (31 Records)

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