Clay's Playlist for February 7, 2001
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VLADISLAV DELAY "Anima" (Mille Plateaux)
DJ FOOD "Quadraplex" (Ninja Tune)
AUTECHRE "Peel Sessions 2" (Warp)

RICHARD DEVINE "Lipswitch" (Warp)
RUBBERROOM "Architechnology" (3-2-1/Indus)
RAPOON "Cold War Drum n' Bass" (Caciocarallo)
JAKE MANDELL "Love Songs For Machines" (Carpark)
TO ROCOCO ROT "The Amateur View" (Mute)

DELAROSA AND ASORA "Agony Pt 1" (Schematic)
HIM "5 & 6 in Dub" (After Hours)
PAN SONIC "Aaltopiiri" (Mute)
RICHARD DEVINE "Lipswitch" (Warp)

MONOLAKE "Interstate" (Monolake Records)
HRVATSKI "Bad Raum" (Tonschact)
DYNAMO "23~" (Din)
SHE SATELLITES "Pioson Lips" (Geist)
PHOTEK "Solaris" (Astralwerks)
ORIGIN UNKNOWN "The Speed Of Sound" (Ram)

AFRICAN HEADCHARGE "Full Charge" (On U Sound)
PRINCE JAMMY "First Second and Third Generation Dub" (K&G)
MAX ROMEO "Melt Away" (Blood and Fire)

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