Clay's Playlist for January 31, 2001
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CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA "Remixes 98-2000" (Ninja Tune)
COMPANY FLOW "Simian D" (Def Jux)
MR LIF "Arise" (Def Jux)
LESSER "Gearhound" (Matador)
JAKE MANDELL "Love Songs For Machines" (CarparK)
DELTRON 3030 "Deltron 3030" (75 Ark)

JAPANESE TELECOM "The Men From P.a.c.k" (Intuit Solar)
MOODYMAN "Forevernevermore" (Peacefrog)
THE OCTOGON MAN "The Exciting World Of..." (Electron Industries)
JAKE MANDELL "Love Songs For Machines" (Carpark)
M MAYER/D REGINA "Star Ferry" (Karaoke Kalk)
DIGITAL "Waterhouse Dub" (Function)

CANNIBAL OX "Iron Galaxy" (Def Jux)
PRINCE JAMMY "Shinning Dub" (Fatman)
KIT CLAYTON "Nek Sanalet" (Scape)
GUSTAVOS LAMAS "Manana" (Kompakt)
BEEQUEEN "Treatise" (Auf Aubuegen)
SKEIN "Venice" (Vertical Form)
HUGH MUNDELL "Rasta" (Jah Guidance)

ROTHKO "Fresh Fruit" (Lo Recordings)
DIGITAL "Waterhouse Dub" (Function)
CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA "Remixes 98-2000" (Ninja Tune)

VLADISLAV DELAY "Anima" (Mille Plateaux)

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