The Pounding System

Dub, electronica, beats and things
Tuesdays 11pm - Wednesdays 2am
Clay's Playlists for Mar 23, 1999

ArtistTrack TitleLabel
Photek2 Sword TechniqueScience
Source DirectExorcise The DemonsScience
Toru TakemitsuMunari By MunariRca
GasOktemberMille Plateaux
Janski Noise & SpeedranchWelcome To ExecrateLeaf
Michael FakeschPhinsMusik Aus Strom
Sorce DirectExorcise The DemonsScience
London ElektricityPbeHospital
Kruder & DoorfmeisterRainer Truby TrioK7
Jake MandellParallel ProcessesWorm Interface
The Skinless BrothersIt's The GCentral
SturmUntitledMille Plateaux
BwProgram 11Elypsia
LeilaLike WeatherRephlex
FinkTubb JourneyNinja Tune
Creation RebelStarship AfricaOn U Sound
DujeousCinematic MentalWax Poetic
Rok OneCertified SuperiorFondle Em
Known:Unknown001 Chaos EditMoving Shadow
Dj TeebeeInvasionJuice Records
Dj TeebeeMessage From EarthJuice
SaucerWurmtripKaraoke Kalk
SebaCar CrashGood Looking Records

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