Clay's Playlist for December 6, 2000
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BERGHEIM 34 "Sechstracklp" (Klang Elektronik)
SQUAREPUSHER & RICHARD THOMAS "I Am Carnal & I Know You Approve" (Lo)
CEX "Role Playa" (555 Recordings)
JANEL SCHAEFER "Above Buikdings" (Fat Cat)
PANACEA "Time and Vision" (N.O.H.A.)
TOTAL SCIENCE "Make Me Feel" (C.I.A.)
FLANGER "Midnight Sound" (Ninja Tune)

FOREIGN LEGION "Nowhere To Hide" (Insiduous Urban Records)
PREFUSE73 "Estrocaro" (Warp)
ERRORSMITH "Errorsmith e.p." (errorsmith)
DYNAMO "23~" (Din)
RHYTHM & SOUND WITH TIKIMAN "Showcase" (Burial Mix)

GUSTAVO LAMAS "Manama" (Kompakt)
HALLUCINATOR "Kilimanjaro" (Chain Reaction)
FLANGER "Midnight Sound" (Ninja Tune)

SINDECUT "Can't Get Enough" (Baad Records)
SKULL VS ICE "Macro Dub Infection Vol 1" (Virgin)
SUSANNE BROKESCH "Soundtrack 03" (Ego Vacuum)
LEVI 167 "Beat Classic" (DC Recordings)
DILATED PEOPLES "Instrumentals" (Abb Recordings)

WU-TANG CLAN "The W" (Loud)
SCIENTIST "Encounters Pacman" (Greensleeves)
PARADOX "Musician as Outsider" (Reinforced)
DJ SHADOW "Solesides Greatest Bumps" (Quannum)
HRVATSKI "On" (Hrvatski)
JOLT THE FURNANCE "Criminal" (Musiq)

PIMMON "@ Five 2 Six" (Pimmon)
MICROSTORIA "Model 3 Step 2" (Thrill Jockey)
PHILLIP JECK "Surf" (Touch)
SND "Stdio" (Force Inc)
FLANGER "Midnight Sound" (Ninja Tune)

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