Clay's Playlist for November 29, 2000
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PUSH BUTTON OBJECTS "Rapid Transport" (Chocolate Industries)
SHE SATELLITES "Poison Lips" (Geist)
DJ SHADOW "Solesides Greatest Bumps" (Quannum)
PARADOX "Musician as Outsider" (Reinforced)
DJ REVOLUTION "In 12's We Trust" (Grand Control)
KID 606 "PS I Love You" (Mille Plateaux)
PARADOX "Musician As Outsider" (Reinforced)

DYNAMO "23~" (Din)
MUSIQ ALLSTARS "Criminal" (Musiq)
TOTAL SCIENCE "Make Me Feel" (C.I.A.)
DECODER "Tudor Rose" (Hard Leaders)

MAUS AND STOLLE "For Your Ears Only" (Klang Elektronik)
SHE SATELLITES "Poison Lips" (Geist)
SCIENTIST "Wins The World Cup" (Greensleeves)
ROOTS ROCKERS "Reggae Masterpieces In Dub" (Vista Sounds)
BIG YOUTH "All Nation Bow" (Techniques)
THE GIFT OF THE GAB "Solesides Greatest Bumps" (Quannum)
RONI SIZE "Reasons For Sharing e.p." (Talkin Loud)
BLACKALICIOUS "Solesides Greatest Bumps" (Quannum)
RECLOOSE "Splunking" (Planet E)
JOACHIM SPIETH "You Don't Fool Me" (Kompakt)
EXOS "Eleventh" (Force Inc)

GAS "Pop" (Mille Plateaux)
ALVA NOTO "Prototypes" (Mille Plateaux)
SUTEKH "Every Dot and Title" (Source)
TWO LONE SWORDSMEN "Tiny Reminders" (Warp)
DYNAMO "18~" (Din)
TOTAL SCIENCE "Make Me Feel" (C.I.A.)
RICHARD DEVINE "Lily of THE Valley" (Schematic)
JEFF MILLS "Metropolis" (Tresor)
DELTRON 3030 "Delron 3030" (75 Ark)
JEFF MILLS "Metropolis" (Tresor)

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