Clay's Playlist for November 15, 2000
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KID606 "PS I Love You" (Mille Plateaux)
JAKE MANDELL "Across The Cell Wall" (Kodama)
AROVANE "Tides" (City Centre Offices)
MAJOR FORCE "Major Force West 93-97" (Mo Wax)
NEPTUNE "Zen Cuts" (Ninja Tune)
PARADOX "The Muscician as Outsider" (Reinforced)
ST GERMAIN "Rose Rouge" (Blue Note)

KID 606 "PS I Love You" (Mille Plateaux)
DAT POLITICS "Attitudes" (Tigerbeat6)
CYLOB "Lobster Tracks" (Rephlex)
FREDDIE FRESH "6.7 Break" (Electrecord)

SND "Stdio" (Mille Plateaux)
ERRORSMITH "Errorsmith EP" (Errorsmith)
PUSH BUTTON OBJECTS "360 Degrees" (Chocolate Industries)
PREFUSE73 "Estrocaro EP" (Warp)
DJ SUSHI "The Lost Dub Plates" (Hip Hop Slam)
RICHARD DEVINE "Across The Cell Wall" (Kodama)

CHRISTOPH DE BABALON "On the block" (Fat Cat)
DJ SCOOBIE "Breakbeats One" (S.U. Corp)
BARRINGTON LEVI & REBEL MC "Under Mi Sensi" (Greensleves)
DECODER "Fog" (Hard Leaders)
PARADOX "The Musician as Outsider" (Reinforced)
MC CRAIG "Beat Classic" (DC Recordings)
JVC FORCE "Strong Island" (B Boy Records)

PUB "Summer Pt 1" (Vertical Form)
DUB SYNDICATE "Hi Fi Gets A Pounding" (On U Sound)
AUGUSTUS PABLO "Pablo Meets Mr Bassie Dub" (Rockers)
PRINCE ALLAH "Lots Wife Dub" (Freedom Sounds)

TAKESHI MOTO "Lily Of The Valley" (Schematic)
KID 606 "PS I Love You" (Mille Plateaux)
MR SAKIR "Beat Store" (Klang Elektronik)

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