Clay's Playlist for November 8, 2000
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SND "Stdio" (Mille Plateaux)
PIERRE HENRY "Interieur Exterieur" (Phillips)
ALPHA OMEGA "Visions" (Reinforced)
PTHALOCYANINE "Zack's EP" (Pthalo)
STEWART WALKER "Across The Cell Wall" (Kodama)
DJ REVOLUTION "In 12's we Trust" (Ground Control)
OUTKAST "Stankonia" (Arista)
TALIB KWELI "Train of Thought" (Rawkus)
HAPPY CAMPERS "No Mind" (Ninja Tune)
GARBAGE/GOLDIE "Milk" (Mushroom Records)

PREFUSE 73 "Estrocard ep" (Warp)
AUTECHRE "Basscad ep" (Warp)
DANNY BREAKS "From Byond Infinity" (Droppin Science)
JEFF MILLS "Metropolis" (Tresor)
VARIOUS ARTISTS "Number 8" (Fat Cat)
KANDIS "Senking" (Karaole Kalk)
KANDIS "Claps" (Karaoke Kalk)
ATOMIC DOG "Step into the Lite" (Deep Thought)

RICHARD DEVINE "Across the Cell Wall" (Kodama)
TWO LONE SWORDSMEN "Tiny Reminders" (Warp)
DJ SUSHI "The Lost Dubplates" (Hip Hop Slam)
PHOTEK "Solaris" (Astralwerks)
SUTEK "Every Dot and Tittle" (Source Recordings)
TWO LONE SWORDSMEN "Tiny Reminders" (Warp)

UUSITALO "Vapau Muurari Live" (Force Inc)
PLASTIC "Fishcake" (Thule Records)
UNSUNG HEREOS "Unleashed" (75 Ark)
MAJOR FORCE "Major Force West 93-97(Mo Wax)

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