Clay's Playlist for November 1, 2000
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APHEX TWIN "Ventolin" (Warp)
LUOMO "Synkro" (Force Inc)
DILATED PEOPLES "The Platform" (Capitol)
PARADOX "The Musician as an Outsider" (Reinforced)
MC CRAIG "Beat Classics" (DC Recordings)
OUTKAST "Stankonia" (Arista)
HRVATSKI "Blip Bleep" (Lucky Kitchen)
OPTICAL "The Shining" (Metro Recordings)

SND "Stdio" (Mille Plateaux)
PIMMON "Assembler" (Fallt)
AUTECHRE "Keynell" (Skam)
PHOTEK "Solaris" (Astralwerks)
TWO LONE SWORDSMEN "Tiny Reminders" (Warp)
SENOR COCONUT Y SU CONJUNTO "El Baile Aleman" (Emperor Norton)
ADULT "Nausea" (Ersatz Audio)

OUTKAST "Stankonia" (Arista)
HRVATSKI "Eoss Remix" (CDR)
APHASIC "Bass and Superstructure" (Ambush)
KID 606 "Down With The Scene" (Ipecac)
CEX "Role Model" (Tigerbeat6)
KID 606 "Down With The Scene" (Ipecac)
NINEY THE OBSERVER "Casandra Dub" (Observer)
JAH VENGEANCE "No Light" (Full Watts)
JAN LION "Columbian Collie" (Black Art)

QUASIMOTO "Boom Music" (Stones Throw)
LA FUNK MOB "Headz" (Mo Wax)
THE PRUNES "The Plot" (Mo Wax)

PARADOX "The Musician as an Outsider" (Reinforced)
JAKE MANDELL "Across The Cell Wall" (Kodama)
MANNEQUIN LUNG "Frente 57" (Beta Bodega Coalition)
ADD N TO X "Add Insult To Injury" (Mute)

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