Clay's Playlist for October 25, 2000
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PARMENTIER "Luxsound" (Sigma)
MAJOR FORCE "Major Force West 93-97" (Mo Wax)
PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS "San Francisco Knights" (Om)
OUTKAST "Stankonia" (Arista)
GAI/JIN "On" (Wabana)
TWO LONE SWORDSMEN "Tiny Reminders" (Warp)

LUOMO "Vocalcity" (Force Inc)
ADULT "Nausea" (Ersatz Audio)
FROST JOCKEY "Burgundy Trax" (Planet Mu)
THE DRAGON "The Dragon Theme" (Poison)
RAM TRILOGY "No Reality" (Ram)
THOMAS FEHLMANN "Good Fridge"(Apollo)
STEWART WALKER "Across The Cell Wall" (Kodama)
O.S.T. "Globule, a Mills College 4/12/99" (Pthalo)
DJ SUSHI "The Lost Dub Plates" (Hip Hop Slam)
FOREIGN LEGION "Nowhere To Hide(Madlib Remix)" (Insiduous)
DJ SUSHI "The Lost Dub Plates" (Hip Hop Slam)
OUTKAST "Stankonia" (Arista)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Number 9" (Fat Cat)
KIT CLAYTON "Lateral Forces" (Vertical Form)
PLURAMON/MATMOS "Bit Sand Riders" (Mille Plateaux)

RICHARD DEVINE "Across the Cell Wall" (Kodama)
TWO LONE SWORDSMEN 'Tiny Reminders" (Warp)
JEGA "Geometry" (Matador)
PSION "Tyrant" (Audio Blueprint)
SKYNET "Telemetry" (Audio Blueprint)
KID SPATULA "Full Sunken Beats" (Planet Mu)
SO TAKAHASHI "30/30" (Carpark)
ADD N TO X "Add Insult To Injury" (Mute)

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