The Pounding System

Dub, electronica, beats and things
Tuesdays 11pm - Wednesdays 2am
Clay's Playlists for Mar 7, 2000

ArtistTrack TitleLabel
Christoph De BabalonSoul EclipseFat Cat
Capital KSounds Of The EmpirePlanet Mu
AirPremiers SymptomesAstralwerks
MuziqRoyal AstronomyAstralwerks
Kid SpatulaHard LovePlanet Mu
Meat Beat Manifesto & Luke VibertRadio BabylonNothing
ReclooseSpelunkingPlanet E
Jake MandellQuondam CurrentMille Plateaux
Source DirectExorcise The DemonsAstralwerks
Sci-CloneHold OnMetlaheadz
Handsome Boy Modelling SchoolSo How's Your GirlTommy Boy
Mouse On MarsPresenterSonig
PloneFor Beginner PianoMatador
Audio ActiveFree The MarijuanaOn U Sound
Dj VadimUssr Life From The Other SideNinja Tune

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