Charlie Lewis

Playlist for Nov 5, 1997

Wednesday mornings, 9 am to noon.
A Parade Of Pop And Aural Slop.

I Found My Shirt.

Playtime Main Title "Playtime" Soundtrack
Shelley Hirsch Club Enchantment States
Mike Nichols & Elaine May A Little More Gauze Nichols & May Examine Doctors
Ray Charles You Don't Know Me (New Boxed Set)
Ivy You Don't Know Anything Apartment Life (1)

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Carmen Herb Alpert's Ninth
Groucho Marx & Margaret Dumont Dialogue From "The Cocoanuts" (1929)
April Stevens Teach Me Tiger Best Of Nino Tempo & April Stevens
The Oblique Sessions Rock'n'roll Station The Oblique Sessions (2)
Eddie Head & His Family Tryin' To Get Home "American Primitive, Vol 1" (Early Gospel Recordings)
Barbara Manning George's Theme (Rather Chipper) "Fame Whore" Soundtrack

Pest 5000 I'm A Big Black Messy Cat Palimsest
The Monotones The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow 7"
The Electric Chairmen Ballad Of The Headless Skateboarder Toast
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps Surfer Angel Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps
(Soundtrack Album) Habanera From Carmen "Trainspotting 2"
The Turtles Surfer Dan Battle Of The Bands

Braaxtaal (Featuring Jaap Blonk) Speechlos (Beginning) Speechlos
"Promises, Promises" Turkey Lurkey Time Cast Album
Mike Douglas The Story Of The First Christmas Carol (Unknown Source)
Canopy Cb Santa 7"
Derrik Roberts There Won't Be Any Snow (Christmas In The Jungle) 7"
Braaxtaal Speechlos (Ending) Speechlos
Little Eva Let's Turkey Trot "The Colpix-Dimension Story" (3)

The Stool Pigeons I Like It Gerry Cross The Mersey
Will Ogdon Serenade No. 1 For Wind Quintet, Excerpt The Works Of Will Ogdon
Ellery Eskelin, Andrea Parkins, Jim Black T64k37b One Great Day (4)
Groucho Marx & Margaret Dumont More Dialogue From "The Cocoanuts"
The Divine Comedy The Frog Princess Casanova
Barry Adamson The Swinging Detective Moss Side Story

Run On Away Renee Scoot
Patti Smith Whirl Away Peace And Noise
Oblique Sessions Shikaku Maru Ten The Oblique Sessions
Red Krayola (Something From) The Parable Of Arable Land
Coyle And Sharpe Crawfish Boat Shirt Coyle And Sharpe On The Loose
(Cast Members) "I Lost My Shirt/I Found My Shirt" (Habanera And Torreador Song From Carmen) "The Cocoanuts"
Bonzo Dog Band Shirt I'm The Urban Spaceman
Bob Dorough The Crawfish Song Just About Everything

Yukiko Ohtsuki (Unknown Title) Record
Richard Hayman And His Orchestra With Harmonica Choir Gypsy Dance From
Carmen Harmonica Holiday
Barbara Manning Isn't Lonely Lovely "Fame Whore" Soundtrack
The Kinks Nothing To Say Arthur
The Cats And The Fiddle Gangbusters I Miss You So
The 49 Americans Don't Sing The Blues E Pluribus Unum (On Choo Choo Train Records)
Fred Astaire The Yam From The Film "Carefree"

The Upsetters Return Of Django "The Story Of Jamaican Music"
The Mamas And The Papas Got A Feeling (Collection)
Ivy I've Got A Feeling Apartment Life (5)

(1) Ivy includes Adam Schlesinger (Fountains Of Wayne). Well arranged pop, breathy female vocals with a french accent from Dominique Durand.
Good Line: "I know you're only human, but I expect something better."

(2) Oblique Sessions includes Pascal Comelade (guitars, toy guitars) and Pierre Bastien (who builds mechanical self-playing musical instrument systems). I love it when people like this get together. This is some kind of beautiful stuff.

(3) As for this set: I really wanted to get the holidays over with this year.

(4) Among the only contemporary improvisors who float my boat.

(5) Another good line: "I've been watching the world pass by all around you."

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