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Playlists for AUgust 12, 1997

Tuesday mornings, 9 am to noon.
A Weekly Parade Of Anachronisms, Incongruities, And Assorted Ephemerae.

A Show Found On A Scrap Heap.


Playtime Main Title "Playtime" Soundtrack
Run D.M.C. Wake Up Run D.M.C.
Harry Nilsson Driving Along Nilsson Schmilsson
Trio Wake Up "Every Man Has A Woman"
The Listing Attic God's Little Wiseacre Fly Like An Ego
Linda Albertano The 10 "Internal Journal" (A 14 Artist Spoken Wordsmith Tour Of L.A.)
Jennifer Terran L.A. 101 (Samples Joe Frank) Cruel
El Vez Viva La Raza (Viva Las Vegas) G.I. Ay, Ay! Blues

James Brown Love Me Tender 7"
The Dan Peters Combo Do You Remember Walter "Flyin' Traps"
James Taylor Quartet Theme From "A Far Away Land" Creation
Manfred Mann's Earth Band California Coastline Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Buffalo Daughter California Blues Captain Vapour Athletes
Hovercraft Vagus Nerve Remix Remixes By Scanner
Marisela Norte Angel "Internal Journal"
Pizzicato Five Happy Birthday "What's Up Matador"

Skandalous All-Stars Rock And Roll All Night "Ska Cover It Up!"
Weekend Drumbeat The '81 Demos
Barry Black Chimps Tragic Animal Stories
Daniel Kientzy In Friendship (Stockhausen) Saxophones
Paul Body From Myrtle Ave. To The Promised Land "Internal Journal"
Negativland The Greatest Taste Around Dispepsi
Dory Previn Title Track From Mary C. Brown & The Hollywood Sign
Sonic Youth Kissablility Daydream Nation
Rock Follies Talking Pictures Cast Album From The Tv Series

Sammy Hui I Need Your Love With Mine Sung In Chinese
Michael Shelley Going To L.A. Half Empty
Dj's Wally & Swingsett Tell Me Something Dog Leg Left
Aretha Franklin Rock Steady (Compilation)
Alwin Nikolais Mechanical Organ: Dance 2 Electronic Dance Music
Miklos Rozsa Double Indemnity Classic Film Scores Of Miklos Rozsa

Shangri-Las Remember (Walking In The Sand) (Compilation)
Bee Gees Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You First Album
Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha Yenisei Punk "Deep In The Heart Of Tuva"
Riz Ortolani They Told Me (At The Opera) "Woman Times Seven" Soundtrack
Riz Ortolani Serena E Lomunno "Easy Tempo Vol. 1"
Fifth Dimension California Soul Stoned Soul Picnic

Akiko Kanazawa Yellow Submarine "The Exotic Beatles, Part One"
Gyorgy Ligeti Etude For Player Piano Mechanical Music
Brian Eno Hazard The Drop
Stereo Total Ach Ach Liebling Monokini
Amps For Christ & Two Ambiguous Figures Reverse Arpegios In C The Beggars Garden
Igor Stravinsky Symphony In C, 1st Movemnt Stravinsky Conducts
Drew Steele Life After Sex "Internal Journal"
Tomorrowland 100101111 Steroscopic Soundwaves

Les Soeurs Winchester Les Problemes Les Soeurs Winchester
Mama Cass California Earthquake (Mamas & Papas Compilation)
"The Card" Moving On London Cast Album (Songs By Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent)
Elvis Presley Don't Think Twice It's Alright Some Crappy Elvis Package
Dionne Warwick Knowing When To Leave "The Music Of Burt Bacharach"

  1. Thanks to listener Kevin for providing the name of the Chinese pop singer who I have for years been refering to as "Super Chinese Elvis Guy." His real name is Sammy Hui (pronounced like "you"). I don't know if I was happier before I knew his real name, but I am glad I know his real name. Thanks, Kevin!
  2. Negativland continues to get away with murder, legally, with their amazing new CD, which tears apart American culture by mangling Pepsi jingles. Hats off to Negativland!
  3. The Shangri-las was the first pop group I ever saw perform live, at the Sunnyside Boxing Ring in Queens, NY, in 1964, when I was about six years old. Lucky for me, dad was into pop music.
  4. The new Brian Eno album is, sad to say, a disappointment.
  5. Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent wrote most of Petula Clark's big hits.
  6. Today Is My 39th Birthday.
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  8. Thank You All For Your Continued Indulgence.

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