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Playlists for June 24, 1997

Charlie Lewis. Tuesdays, 9 AM to Noon.
Parading the usual anachronisms and contemporary whatever through the daylight hours..

Playtime Main Title "Playtime" Soundtrack
Jah Wobble Bananas ...Presents The Inspiration Of Wm. Blake
Lorette Velvette Theda Dream Hotel
Latyrx Balcony Beach The Album
Collective 4tet Iris Orca
Folk Implosion That's The Trick Dare To Be Surprised
Holly Golightly Don't Lie To Me Laugh It Up

Suzie Cope Biggity Big "Dream Babes Vol 1: Am I Dreaming?"
Alex Chilton Take Me Home And Make Me Like It Lost Decade
Maggie Estep Hey Baby No More Mr Nice Girl
Nino Rota Bevete Piu Latte! Boccaccio 70
Don Knotts I Wish I Were A Fish "The Incredible Mr Limpet" Soundtrack
Baader Meinhof Gsg-29 Baader Meinhof
Mississippi John Hurt Let The Mermaids Flirt Wtih Me Last Sessions
Lavern Baker Tweedle Dee (Compilation)

Jayuya Espinosa Jayuya
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band The Work Song (Comp, Sundazed)
The Jaki Byard Experience Shine On Me The Jaki Byard Experience
Subarachnoid Space Don't Look In The Mirror Ether Or
John Keaney Surf On The Shore Space-Age Wax Museum

Dick Dale Let's Go Trippin' Better Shred Than Dead
Melted Men People Of Esophagus The Sheets Are Soaked
Parliament (You're A Fish And I'm A) Water Sign Motor Booty Affair
Mary Lou Williams Aquarius Zodiac Suite
Green Bros Xylophone Orch Do Another Break Masters Of The Xylophone
Polycarp Whisky Lime The Magnetic Moment
The Specials I Can't Stand It More Specials

The Beach Boys Roller Skating Child The Beach Boys Love You
Dj Shadow Mutual Slump Endtroducing...
Chic Good Times Risque

Lili Ivonova The Night Before Beatles Exotica
Natsuki Tamura & Satoko Fujii Who Are We? How Many?
Mumbles At The Mountains Of Madness "Deep Concentration: The Future Of Experimental Hip-Hop"
Incredible String Band Little Cloud The 5000 Spirits, Or The Layers Of The Onion

Sonic Youth Swimsuit Issue Dirty
Members Of The Indian Bottom Assoc., Defeated Creek Church Jesus Thou
Art The Sinner's Friend "Old Regular Baptists"
Mickey & Sylvia I'm So Glad Love Is Strange (Compilation)
Rose Windross Living Life Your Own Way "Original Flavor: Best Of Acid Jazz, Vol 3"

The Jethros Delila Love Musix
The Mommyheads Fragrant Rota Bingham's Hole
Throwing Muses Crabtown University
Fay Lovsky Underwater Cinema

Amon Tobin The New York Editor Bricolage
The Jungle Brothers Kool Accordin' 2 A Jb Done By The Forces Of Nature

"Deep Concentration" continues to be a source of deep pleasure and meaning.

Sound bites provided by the Members of the Indian Bottom Association, Defeated Creek Church, Linefork, KY, Old Regular Baptists.
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