Brian Turner's Playlist for January 30, 2001
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(*) denotes new cut

Faust "It's a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl" (So Far)
Lightning Bolt "Ride the Sky" (Ride the Skies)*
Infinity & Grandmaster DST "Grand Mixer CIW" (Various: Why Is It Fresh?)
Sack & Blumm "Toygroove" (7" Box set)*

Wayne Rogers "Wonder" (Constant Displacement)
Willie Banks "What More Do I Need?" (CD-R)
Abnegation "When the Smoke Clears" (Various: Cry Now Cry Later)
Lou Reed "Mystic Child" (Ecstacy)
Robin Johnson "Damn Dog" (Sdtk: Times Square)
Destroyer "City of Daughters" (Thief)

Tony Allen "Asiko" (Black Voices)
Cinematic Orchestra "Channel One Suite (WFMU Volunteer Vinay remix)" (Remixes 98-2000)*
Minmae "I'd Like To Apologize For Last Night" (7")
Tonalmotl "Excerpt" (Tonalmotl)*

Cage "Suicidal Failure" (12")*
Scum "Live" (12")*
Samuel Beckett "Image III" (The Whole Thing's Coming Out of the Dark)
Kain "Nubian 2" (Blue Guerilla)
Moondog "Up Broadway" (Various: Beat Jazz)*
Drums & Tuba "Prince Meets the Phantom" (Vinyl Killer)*

Peaches & Gonzales "Cum Undone/Feedem" (Live WFMU 10/00)*
Dropshadow Disease "Fototienda" (Various: Vs. Rather Interesting)*

Amon Duul II "Eye Shaking King" (Yeti)
Third World War "Stardom Road 2" (Third World War)
Sightings "Or What" (Demo)
The Ex "They Shall Not Pass" (1936/Spanish Revoltuion)

Acid Mothers Temple "La Novia Pt 2" (La Novia)*
Pan Sonic "Johdin" (Aaltopiiri)*
Lee Ranaldo "Isolation" (Amarillo Ramp: for Robert Smithson)
James Carr "Stronger Than Love" (Essential)

Lightning Bolt "Forcefield" (Ride the Skies)*
Hans Reichel "For Those Who Love Propellors" (Lower Lurum)
Ravish Momin "Voices In My Head" (Sound Dissolving Sound)*
James Brown "Can't Stand It" (Hot Pants)
Freddy Scotts Orchestra "Hangin' Out" (Various: Planet Funk 1)
Hackamore Brick "Oh! Those Sweet Bananas" (One Kiss Leads To Another)
Special Moments "The Brothers is Back" (Various: More Music Less Parking, Live from WFMU)

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