Brian Turner's Playlist for January 23, 2001
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(*) denotes new cut

Amber Asylum "Black Sabbath" (Supernatural Parlour Collection)*
Electric Company & Vas Deferens Organization "A Hep Cat's Electronic Hairball Appartus" (More Pelvis Wick For the Baloney Boners)
Lungs of a Giant "Texecution Blues" (Lungs of a Giant)*

Terry Riley "You're No Good" (You're No Good)*
Peaches & Gonzales "We Want It" (Red Leather)*
19 (Juke) "Get Your Stuff Together" (Soundtracks)

The Saints "Lost and Found" (Eternally Yours)
Vince Taylor "Rock and Roll Station" (7")
Public Works "Deserve" (Music With Sound)
Mouth & MacNeil "How Do You Do" (45 (at 33))
Jyoji Sawanda "Enfant Terrible" (Enfant Terrible)
Sandy Dillon & Hector Zazou "Still Moving in Fear" (12 (Las Vegas Is Cursed))*

Mark Never "Coffee & Oranges" (Afternoon Drift, Cold)*
Joe Goldmark "The Way" (All Hat, No Cattle)
Cats & the Fiddle "I'm Singing" (I Miss You So)
Dead Meadow "Indian Bones" (Dead Meadow)*
Fushitsusha "I Sink Down in Search of Your Breath's Abide" (I Saw It! That Which Before I Could Only Sense)

Screamers "122 Hours of Fear" (In A Better World)*
Screamers "Vertigo" (In a Better World)*
Screamers "Last 4 Digits" (In a Better World)*
Screamers "Magazine Love" (In a Better World)*
Screamers "The Beat Goes On" (In a Better World)*
The In-Be-Tweens "Girl, I Am Your Evil Witchman" (Various: English Freakbeat 1 (pre-Slade!)

Quincy Jones "Getta Bloomin' Move-On" (Sdtk: The Italian Job)*
Duncan Browne "Ninepence Worth of Walking" (Give Me Take You)*
Parameter "Emmeline" (Various: History of UK Underground Folk 1)
Flibbertigibbet "Little Roving Sailor" (Various: History of UK Underground Folk 1)

Kim Hiorthoy "Det Skulle Vara Fint Att Se Dig, Tankte Jag" (Hei)*
Hanayo "Give You the Star" (Gift)*
Der Kunftige Musikant "Mein Freund" (Veitstanz)

Aurora Plastic Company "Blessing of Beckoning Cat Perched Beside Revolving Door" (Low Noise)*
The Mummies "You Must Fight To Live on the Planet of the Apes" (7")
Joseph Koo & Wang Fu Ling "The Killing Fight" (Sdtk: The Big Boss)
Robert Pollard & Doug Gillard "Pop Zeus" (Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Dept.)
Smallstone "Danish Kiss" (Smallstone)*
Kevin Coyne "Precious" (Roomfull of Fools)*
The Jacks "3rd track" (Vacant World/Takt Days)

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