Brian Turner's Playlist for January 9, 2001
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(*) denotes new cut

Devo "Gates of Steel" (Pioneers Who Got Scalped)
Stickmen "Do Get Down" (This is the Master Brew)
Beautiful Skin "Slake" (Revolve)*
Cex "I Identify" (Role Playa)*
Excerpt "Do You Like Huey Lewis?" (American Psycho)
Concentrick "Bummer" (Tender Machines)*

Mainliner "Black Sky" (Mellow Out)
Medication Time "Sorely Resentful" (One Free Miracle Ticket)*
Plastic People of the Universe "Prsi Prsi" (WFMU: Live Music From a Dead Campus)

The Need "American Woman" (Various: Projector)
Neon Boys "That's All I Know Right Now" (Single)
Larry Dirty "Drug Abused" (7")*
Joseph Foo - Wang Fu Ling "The Killing Fight" (Sdtk: The Big Boss)*
Excerpt "Do You Like Phil Collins?" (American Psycho)
Los Samplers "Descarga Mecalo" (Descargas)
General Magic "Track 5" (Rechenkonig)*
Harriet Tubman "Slide Rule" (Prototype)
Company Flow "DPA" (Split with Cannibal Ox)*
Atmos "Multiple Connotations" (12")*
No Trend "Family Style" (Top 40 Hit)
UFO "Boogie For George" (Live)
Human Instinct "Stoned Guitar" (Stoned Guitar) Grandfaloon Bus "Pudendub" (Necks and Backs)* Go-Betweens "Cattle & Cane" (Before Hollywood) Alan Silva & Oluyemi Thomas "Soft Flowing Water" (Transmissions)*
Electro Static Cat "Datur Omnibus Mori" (Dysteleology)
Music in Bali "Tabuh Enggong" (Various: Music in Bali)
Excerpt "Do You Like Whitney Houston?" (American Psycho)
Aarktica "Inebria" (No Solace In Sleep)*
Vibracathedral Orchestra "Oeolian Cistern" (Versatile Arab Chord Chart)*

ABBC "Elevator Baby" (Tete A Tete)*
Ghedalia Tazartes "Chanson d'Automne" (Voyage A'L'ombre)
Ken Boothe "I'm Not For Sale" (Various: Phil Pratt Thing)
Dirty Louie & DJ Stinko "A Loose Cha-Cha" (Various: Stinko Sampler)*
I-Roy "War & Friction" (If DJ Was Your Trade: Dreads at King Tubby's)

Beequeen "Table Talk" (Various: Treat the Gods As if They Exist)*
Dead C "One Night" (Language Recordings 1 & 2)*
Michel Sardaby "Welcome New Warmnth" (Various: Bilongo)*
Bellrays "Thunder All the Time" (Live on WFMU 6/00)
Nervebreakers "My Girlfriend Is a Rock" (Various: Bloodstains Across Texas)

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