Brian Turner's Playlist for January 2, 2001
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Happy 2001!

V/VM "BBC Snooker Theme" (The Green Door)*
The Guards "Hullaballoo" (Various: Boom! Boom! Boom!)
Trio Sourire "Satisfaction" (Various: Histoires de Filles Quebec 60s)*

Lake of Dracula "Four Teachers" (Various: Live from the Devils Triangle 3)*
Helios Creed "The Rant" (Last Laugh)
Scaramanga "Sugar 99" (Seven Eyes Seven Horns)
Duploremote "2" (Split 12" with Com.A)*
Mr. Dibbs "Habitat Commercial" (Primitive Tracks)*
Phil Collins "Answers Questions" (Collins On Collins)
Ancient Chinese Secret "Passage of Time" (Caveat Emptor)
Abwarts "Maschinenland" (Amok)

Granfaloon Bus "Third Rail Waltz" (Necks and Backs)
Auntie Poo & the Porta-Potties "I'll Be Potty Trained By My Birthday" (Potty Animal: Songs for Potty Training)
f/i "Electric Waltz" (Out of Space Out of Time)
Zeljko Kerleta "Dangerous Job" (Space Runner)
Cheval de Frise "Incline et Chenu" (Cheval de Frise)*

Harry the Hipster Gibson "Who Put the Benzedrene in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine" (Various: Drug Songs)*
Ensley Jubilee Singers "We'll Understand It Better By and By" (CDR)
Queen "Mustapha" (Jazz)
Song of Zarathustra "Birth of Tragedy" (Birth of Tragedy)*
Runaways "Cherry Bomb" (Runaways)
The Roofies "Bitch" (Blame It On the Roofies)*
Aavikko "Oriental Baby" (Oriental Baby)*

Dying Fetus "Destroy the Opposition" (Destroy the Opposition)*
Mieskuoro Huutejaat "Joulun Kellot" (10th Anniversary Concert)*
Kahil el'Zabar "Space of No Pain" (The Power)
Haruomi Hasuono "Ground Floor" (Cochin Moon)
Faust "(360)" (Box)*
Konrad Boehmer "Aspekt" (Electronic Works)
Hugh LeCaine "Mal Clark Plays the Sackbut" (Demonstrations 1946-73)*

Prince Far I "Psalm 49" (Psalms For I)
The The "This Is the Day" (12")
Towne Dandies "Haircuts Now!" (My First Stampede)*
Knifehandchop "Dance Mix 1992" (Fighting Pig Learns Judo Tricks)*
DJ Pica Pica Pica "Sanbandongo" (Planetary Natural Love Gus Webbin)*
Anti-Clockwise "Masculinity At Its Finest" (Rewatching)

Ego Summit "Black Hole" (The Room Isn't Big Enough)
The Gordons "Sometimes" (Gordons)
Dow Jones & the Industrials "Can't Stand the Midwest" (Various: Killed by Death)
Kleenex "You" (7")
The Fall "Dr. Buck's Letter" (The Unutterable)*
Boruk Glasgow "NY Natural" (Blackhole Boogie)

Cluster "Im Suden" (II)

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