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What, you may ask, is the Old Bin? The Old Bin is a repository in the WFMU Record Library for WFMU Staffers 'ol faves from the library: call it a "Greatest Hits Collection," if you may. Let's face it, WFMU DJs know more about music that just about anyone on the planet. And, the WFMU Record Library contains 25+ years and thousands (approaching millions) of well-curated discs. Put it all together, and you've got the Old Bin, the results of which are listed below. (Warning!!! Both the Gods and WFMU DJs love the obscure. There's a good chance that you'll have a helluva time tracking most of this stuff down...) This is an ever-growing list as DJs constantly toss new/old faves into the Old Bin. So, keep checking back - it's updated every so often.

Click here to see the WFMU Old Bin


The New Bin is where the WFMU Music Director puts newly released recordings for perusal by DJs desperate for time filling. Music Director Brian Turner reviews notable dics each month.

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