I hope you get a kick from my flexi/cardboard/paper record page.

This site is intended to entertain visitors with sights and sounds that they probably will never get to hear, because who would ever really want to own any of this stuff besides me?

This site will grow continuously as the time is taken to add more examples. Man it takes a lot of time!

I welcome suggestions, submissions, information and other examples to be included in this site.

One thing that I have learned as a collector of these pieces is that I am constantly amazed and aware of the variety and sheer volume of records that fall under this so called "class". I do not intend this site to be COMPLETE. There are so many of these items that I think it impossible to know exactly how many actually exist. THAT, my friends, is part of the fun and future of this VIRTUAL MUSEUM. I am sure there are many persons who have records in this category that I do not have and I have stuff that they don't. This is the fun of collecting. No two collections are the same.

Please don't take this site too seriously as this is a very much undocumented area of collecting and I am learning all about this genre constantly from all many sources. If I leave something out, misrepresent something or, heavens forbid, give out incorrect information, forgive me and help me turn away from this sordid and depraved path. I reiterate: educate and correct me. Do this for me, and you are doing the same for everyone who checks this spot.

This is not my only musical interest. I do a weekly radio show on WFMU.org 91.1 FM in the NYC area, playing popular music and artists from 1900-1925 on period crank-up cylinder and disc machines. This program is on every Tuesday at 7PM EST. This program is archived and you can also read old playlists of it. You can also hear this program on the web when it's actually on the air!

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