Dave Rabbit


GI Pirate Radio From The Vietnam War

Little is known about the charismatic Mr. Rabbit, but at some point in the late 60's he began his pirate (or as he called them underground) FM broadcasts out of Saigon. "Radio First Termer," which appeared at 69 mHz on the FM dial, bombarded GIs with "the hard-assed sound of today's American youth."

In adition to treating stoned grunts, maggots and first termers to the far-out sounds of Bloodrock, Hendrix, Steppenwolf and Iron Butterfly, he gave news reports: "We have just gotten word that a new Korean massage house is open in the Saigon area; available are steam bath, back massage, handjob and blowjobs..."; helpful hints -- "If you're going by the Magic Finger Lounge tonight stay away from the Korean at the door, he's pushing some bad H..." -- and spread his good vibes in a way Bob Hope never could. He would break into the middle of an Iron Butterfly opus to heaviosity -- "This is one long motherfucker, think I'll go down the hall and take a shit, smoke a joint and get blown..." and share his psychedelic experiences with his listeners (over the opening bars of "Eight Miles High") -- "This goes out to me and my comrade Pete. We're tripping..."

I don't know how long Radio First Termer lasted (and it was pretty blatant for a pirate, giving out the phone number and frequencies) or whatever became of Dave Rabbit, his engineer/sidekick Pete, or his sulky-voiced newslady, Nugent. But the surviving aircheck I own assures them all a place in the broadcasting hall of fame.
-- The Hound.

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