Escape From Staten Island

What follows is an edited version of a four page tract that was slipped under the front door of a WFMU DJ's Brooklyn apartment.
Our apologies to the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce.

My name is Ed Porter. I was born on Staten Island, NY, in 1945, these are the events of my birth. Joe Kennedy paid two families, the Murphy's and the Sullivans to produce a child. Mary Murphy and Thomas Sullivan (an FBI agent) produced twin boys. Thes e boys were sold to the Kennedy family and then given to employees of the Kennedy's and Crawfords. They are Devil Worshippers. They and the Kennedy's belong to a world-wide cult that worships Satan.

They twins were taken to the Crawford home in Mariners Harbor, Staten Island and sexually molested as infants, then placed in Mount Loretta Orphanage until the age of three.

In 1949 the boys were sent to the Brown's, a family that lived on Merriman Ave. in Westerleigh, Staten Island. They were repeatedly molested in the instructions of Joe Kennedy by the Browns and the Sullivans.

Lorraine Brown married Ed Porter (a policeman) and they took the twins to Sevica Street, S.I., a rat-infested bungalow with no heat. A short time later my brother and I were separated and I have never seen him since.

After our separation I was then taken to live on John Street near the Bayonne Bridge, where on Dec. 31, 1951 on the orders of Joe Kennedy, I was kidnapped by John Tuitte (a policeman) and Jim Campbell (a fireman). These men along with John Crawford beat me with brass knuckles and whiskey bottles. They broke my arm with a baseball bat and buried me alive under the Bayonne Bridge.

The following morning I was taken out of the grave and put on John Street where an ambulance found me and brought me to S.I, hospital. I laid in a coma for five months.

In the summer of 1952 the Porters moved to the South Beach Housing Projects. That summer I was taken to Joe Brown's farm in Calicoon NY and Black Massed by the Devil Worshippers.

There was a human sacrifice performed in front of me, they murdered a five year old boy and made me drink his blood. Joe Kennedy, Rose Kennedy & brothers John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and the rest of the Kennedy family were in the barn that night.

After the sacrifice I was sodomized by Joe Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy and urinated on by both of them. The revilement continued for nine hours. I was bestialized and bull whipped by a Mormon who performed the human sacrifice. The Thomas Sullivan's father picked me up off the floor and punched me senseless with his fists and broke my jaw.

About eight o'clock that morning I was thrown into a potato sack and put in the trunk of the Porter's car. They drove five hours back to S.I. in ninety degree heat. After the Black Mass I laid in a coma for three months with a broken jaw and a concussion and welts all over my body.

In 1929 Joe Kennedy and his organization caused the stock market to crash, creating the great depression that precipitated Adolf Hitler's rise to power. Sometime in the 1930's there developed a rift between the Kennedy's and this cult. Joe Kennedy was told by the Mormon Elders to be alert for twin boys being born among his people. He then devised the events of my birth and my life.

In September of 1952, I awoke from a three month coma with no recollection of my first six years of life. I was placed in the second grade at St. Sylvester's School on Staten Island. John Crawford and Thomas Sullivan, acting on the instructions of Joe Kennedy, have followed and filmed my entire life, sending all the films to the Mormons in Provo, Utah.

For the past forty years the Kennedy family has controlled and choreographed my entire life. They have controlled my Elementary and High School education and my enlistment in the U.S. Navy. In 1968 they married me to one of their devil worshippers. They controlled every job I have ever had.

I am currently 47 years old and living on disability benefits because Robert Kennedy bribed my employer to destroy my pension papers. During the 40 years since my black mass, I have been hit by a car three times, been set up in four major car crashes, been in twenty street fights. I have had both ankles fractured, had three discs in my spine ruptured, my right hand is fifty percent disabled. My nose was broken, I have five cracked teeth, my A/C joint was removed from my right shoulder. My right ear drum is perforated and my eyesight is permanently damaged. In 1982 Caroline Kennedy and Robert Kennedy Jr. payed an Osteopath to shrink my bone structure and I lost sixty pounds.

On May 5, 1988 at 1370 Broadway in N.Y.C., the Kennedys electrocuted me at work and filmed it. I have not worked since. After the electrocution I spent four years living in the homeless shelters of N.Y.C. In 1978 my step sister Geraldine Mary Porter was going to tell me what the Kennedys were going to do with my life. It was reported to to Bobby Kennedy and he murdered her with Potassium Cyanide. He, Caroline Kennedy and her son are on film at the funeral home reviling her by spitting on her coffin.

He also sodium pentatholed both my sons at the age of five and had them sexually raped and molested by devil worshippers. They filmed this also. In 1982, Caroline Kennedy neutered me using Depo-Provera, a medication used by vets to neuter cats and dogs.

After the electrocution in 1988, the FBI went to the Mormon office in Provo, Utah and uncovered the sacrificial chamber and all the evidence needed to substantiate every claim I am making. Having done this athey went into Ethel Kennedy's home in Virginia and took possession of alll the films Crawford and Sullivan have been making all these years.

In May of 1989, I distributed an abbreviated version of this to the police, but as of yet they have not made any arrests or made public to the American people what has happened. In doing this, I am hoping to force the authorities to hold the Kennedys responsible for their action against me and my family. If every person that reads this would make as many copies as possible it might get the media involved. In doing this I hope to enlist the support of the American people in my efforts to see the Kennedys pay for what they have done. Please make as many copies as you can and distribute it to your friends, relatives and coworkers.

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