Liner Notes of the Gods

A sampling of a few of the more awful forays into the
English language, as found in WFMU's record library.

Billy Joel is 21, single and only sweats two things: perfecting his sound and South East Asia. He plays a Hammond organ rewired to bypass the Leslie tone cabinet, and it feeds directly into the amplifiers. He describes the sound as pure raunch. Jon Small is 23, married and talks best through his work. He has been a drummer "forever." Their music has a resentment and hostility for a world that locks new music away in the basement. Hostility towards all the poeple who say no to new sounds before they hear them. But Jon and Billy are not mad at the world. They find the world too beautiful a place, and life too good a thing to waste it hating. There is joy in their music, too. Listen to Wonder Woman and Rollin' Home. What they are mad at is complacency, and all those who have eyes and won't see; ears, but won't hear. They see ATTILA as marching over these people, crushing, bruising, making them look and listen. You can hear this on side one's March of the Huns.
Attila LP, 1972

With this album, we dedicate ourselves, our futures and our energies to the poeple of the revolution...And the revolution in all its forms.
Chicago 2 LP, 1970

My real name is Clarence Beeks. My professional name of "King Pleasure" is by selection as strange to me as the sudden "revelation" that occured to me in my sleep and woke me upright at the age of six in Oakdale, Tenn., my birthplace.
The revelation was that I was the real saviour of humanity. And that I was a baby planet nucleus! Of all the thoughts that this alive, and at first frightening impression has brought into being since then, the most distinct effect that it had was to make my life one of an interpreter (philosopher) of existence--structure and functton generally and of things and individuals and events specifically. This is the fact that accounts for my being in show business. For the last four years, I have been formulating a new philosophy called Planetism--the ultimate "ism." I am now preparing to set down the philosphy--the How, When and Where. But, presently, since I deem my findings to be so important to humanity, I would like to express the What I have found, briefly and in general terms.
I have found:
1. That this is a charged-neutral material existence.
2. People are in ideal and physical metamorphosis to a planet satellite (moon)--the second earth satellite.
3. People do not have to die. Life and death are matters of general adjustment and maladjustment.
4. All things come from nothing (space).
5. All things exist, live and react in relation of space.
"Golden Days" LP, late '50's

Abner Jay, the first of the original black musicians. The only electric six string banjo you'll ever hear. Abner says the original thirteen are dead, and he is half dead. For forty two years Abner has been playing banjo, drums, harmonica, and singing all at the same time. Born in south Georgia. When Abner was born his Pa kept the birth records on the side of the house, the house burned down, the birth records were destroyed, and Abner hasn't been able to find out just how old he is. Abner is now enjoying his seventh wife, and he claims she is just about wore out too. His worst tragedy was the first time he got married. NOW ITS BUCK DANCING TIME!
"Underground Atlanta" LP

the hello people are just like everyone else only more so in fact they are so much like all of us that they feel the same things we feel only twice as hard you say thats silly that no one can feel your pain more than you or laugh half as heartily when the seed you planted becomes a flower well my friend theres the crux most of us know only what touches us and we try hard as we can to keep those things we fear or dont understand from getting too close the hello people though reach out to all life you see the very word hello is a key to many doors it means say hello back to me and lets see what happens next obviously if you try this enough times you are going to have some pretty interesting experiences in fact you might even find out you are alive now the hello people are totally convinced theyre alive whats more theyre convinced youre alive or at least that you ought to be whats totally amazing however is that none of them finds what he may have experienced to be unique they each take it for granted that you must have felt the same things only they realize you may not like to talk about them thats what this lp is all about to articulate some very personal experience that may have almost universal applications to sing about life and love and hopes and dreams and sadness and disappointment and sometimes a child smiles through a window although outside its raining.
Terry Jacks

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is a film about youth today. Its the story of three young girls who are the heart and soul of a rock group. Life was sweet, man, but there had to be more. The whole world was out there, just waiting, and the beat inside pushed them to where it's happening. They got hooked on a non-stop merry-go-round where the only ticket you need is success. Be a winner, man, or forget it. When they made that first party, it was like too late. The whole thing was movin', reaching out, and they dug it. Whites, yellows and reds were more than just colors. They were it. The magic dream pills. The chicks were wild and groovy, the studs cool and cruel. The eyes so warm, the smiles so friendly, but watch the teeth, they bite deep.
Time was dead. Looking back is a drag and what's up front is too heavy. Do it now, man, it might be the last chance you get. Faces. So many faces. Calling, begging, help me, love me, save me. Don't listen. If you hear them, you've had it. Open your mouth. Wider. Here. Taste. Life, man. Life. Like it? Hell no. Tough. It's a one-way trip, all the way down. It's all here. Love, rape, murder, sex, dope, grass, abortion, suicide. Something for everybody. Hold it, man, don't close your mind. This is what living is all about. This is what "BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS" is all about. A sensual feast that will light your fire. Only a heavy group like 20th Century Fox had the power to bring this switched on thing to the screen. But to bring it ot mind-bending life, they first had to find its soul. Find a man who would mold, shape, and breath life into his creation. The man they looked to was RUSS MEYER. He filled his film with a driving power and knew that the music would have to match it, beat for beat. Your cake has frosting. Groove with the haunting beauty of the title song, as THE SANDPIPERS make it flow so easily that it will feel like a caress. A extra kick is the zonked out sound of THE STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK doin' their way out thing. Words cannot tell you anything about music. only your ears can. Your ears and that special inner place where you feel it. With that thought in mind, please remove the 12 inch, finely grooved disc you will find inside this cover. Lay it gently on your machine, drop in the needle, close your eyes and open your mind.
Russ Meyer

Lee Hazelwoodism. Its Cause and Cure.
When I sit on my immedicable rubber log writing songs about girls named Naomi and Phaedra...for girls named Nancy and Suzi suddenly occurs to me..."Some of these songs may outlive the twenty-five cent ball point pen I purchased in the men's room of the Greyhound Bus Station in Three Rivers, Texas. It is my secret wish that people will remember the twenty-five cent ball point pen and forget the songs...but dep down in my scotch scarred heart I know this can never be. Only this morning I discovered my ball point pen has a very rare liver ailment and will never write another Christmas. When I made this discovery, my sterile mild jarred my very being with this pregnant thought: "If the United States would allot just a fraction of the monies it spends on the Viet Nam War to liver research for ball point pens, what a happy old world this could be." I am not a brave man. I am loaded with fears. I am afraid of underground movies. I amafraid of wards and toads bearing false gifts. I am afraid of LSD and least but not last, I am afraid of Virginia Woolf. My fears have caused my friend August much concern...and have made it necessary for me to acquire many worldly possessions. I humbly own the following stuff: a 1929 Ford that has been repossessed over 300 times...a World War II plane spotter named Virgil (purchased at a surplus store in Phoenix for $30...seconds before a 400 pound pill carshed through the roof of the aforementioned store demolising the great toe on the right great foot of the owner of the said surplus store) an unamtched set of glow-in-the-dark cuff links...made form the complete literary works of John Lennon...purchased from a young bicycle thief who had had his wrists pierced so he could wear the links with short-sleeved sports unpublished Bob Dylan song...almost understandable one Joan Baez slightly used income tax form
"The Time is Now"

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