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compiled and introduced by Jason Gross


If it's true that we're wasting our time trying to write about music, then why do musicians themselves bother? Are they as bored and nuts as we are? Do they really think they have anything wise or inspiring to say to us?

Since our attention spans have been nubbed down to about a few seconds a pop, maybe bon mots are the only way we're going to learn anything about music.

Without getting too high-falutin' I hope, I've collected a number of good one-liners over the years that are pretty rib-tickling and maybe even somewhat meaningful, to try to understand why people actually want to take the trouble to do this kind of thing. If ol' Sigmund was right, then even these jokes and quotes have a relevance to the actual state of things.

If a lot of these people sound bitter and sardonic, just remember that music is indeed a business--you sink or swim on your income, competition everywhere, lots of sharks and wolves, pettiness and bickering, back-stabbing. "Art" is beside the point most of time. It almost makes you want to go to Law school.

To make things a little balanced and brighter, I did find some inspiring comments. After all, there's gotta be some reason all of us are obsessing about this music.