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WFMU Staffers' Brushes with Fame Mix-n-Match

Compiled by Brian Turner

It's true. there are a few WFMU staffers who can walk down the street and be shrieked at by adoring fans, but for the most part, they remain on the fringe between recognition and anonymity. They do, however, love to harrass and bond with the famous and infamous. Mix and match WFMU DJs and fill-in DJs with their glorious brushes with the stars! Note: some FMUers match with several occurences.

Bob Hope Frank Zappa Sly Eazy-E Bea Arthur
  1. Repeatedly "gobbled" Frank Zappa on stage while dressed as Pac-Man
  2. Unwittingly forced Nipsey Russell to change his phone number
  3. Participated in a group that decided what to do with Dorothy Parker's thirty year old ashes
  4. Worked with and was friends with Andrew Dice Clay (who also played drums at the DJ's brother's wedding)
  5. Bruce Springsteen called this DJ to find out what his own home phone number was at the time
  6. Working as a security guard, hassled Jon Bon Jovi and wouldn't let him into the MTV New Year's Ball
  7. Was refused a handshake by Bob Hope
  8. Tripped Michael Stipe and made him fall in a club in 1991, smacked Stipe's head with a door really hard in 1998 leaving another club
  9. Smacked diminutive rapper Eazy-E with a door, knocked him down, was then stared down by bodyguards
  10. Got to second base with Genesis P Orridge
  11. Johnny Thunders illicitly lived in the same dorm
  12. Appeared in a Naughty By Nature video
  13. Second cousin to Bea Arthur, aka "Maude"
  14. Cousin of infamous coach-choking Knick Latrell Sprewell
  15. Appeared on both "Sally" and "Regis and Kathie Lee"
  16. Defending a fellow DJ at the Mercury Lounge, got into a tussle with Dan Rather
  17. Got Gang Starr evicted for making too much noise at night
  18. Babysat for the tot of Trevor Rabin of Yes
  19. Usher at wedding of Sly (of the Family Stone)
  20. Ate fried chicken with John Wayne Gacy

A. Pat Duncan
B. Dave Mandl
C. Ken Freedman
D. Brian Turner
E. Gaylord Fields
F. Douglas Wolk
G. Carrie Fischer
H. Doug Schulkind
I. Bronwyn
J. Citizen Kafka
K. Antique Phonograph's Mac
L. Diane
M. Dave the Spazz
N. Pseu Braun

A - 6, 19
B - 4
C - 11
D - 8, 9
E - 5, 14
F - 13
G - 18

H - 16
I - 3
J - 17
K - 1
L - 12, 15
M - 2, 7
N - 10, 20

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